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Company Profile

  • Main pruduction: We produce complete sets and fitting parts of sugar cane milling equipments with a capacity of 500-25000tons per day and our leading products are:such equipments as mills,cane conveyors ,rake teeth intermediate conveyors,cane scaling platforms ,cane feeding platforms ,shredders,cane juice rotary screen,high speed conveying belts ,lower feeding milling rolls,front and rear upper feeding devices ,and dual roll cane feeders etc. 

  • ADD: No.866 Yinhai Avenue.Liangqing District. Nanning China.

  • History :  Our company based on Zhanjiang sugar machinery parts factory,Last for more than 30 years about cane sugar equiments.

  • Capacity:  We have more than 400 sets equipments for process, we can supply more than 300sets/Year of mill and preparation equipment for cane sugar factory.

  • Human resource:  More than 260 staffs,Including 46 engineers and technicists(2 senior engineers, 8 intermediate engineers,38 other technicists about related careers ).

  • QA/QC system currently in used : ISO9001:2015 Quality management systems.

  • After-sales service: The company provides convenient and fast localized after-sales technical services. We set up a 7*24-hour customer service center. You can obtain it by calling the service center phone: 0771-4016778 or directly dialing the specific person in charge 13807880836 special line. Fast customer service. The service center has established a perfect organizational structure and after-sales service process in accordance with the requirements of ISO to ensure the effectiveness, timeliness and comprehensiveness of technical support and after-sales service from the system.




Address: No. 886 Yinhai Avenue, Nanning District, China (Guangxi) Pilot Free Trade Zone
Phone: 0086-771-4016778
Fax: 0086-771-4018306
Postcode: 530221


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