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The main feature of mining equipment hydraulic support is the core technology of sugar making equipment

The single hydraulic prop of the sugar-making equipment utilizes the liquid pressure to generate working resistance and realizes a single retractable prop for lifting and unloading.

Conveyor belt joint classification

All conveyors must be connected in a loop before use. In this way, the quality of the conveyor belt joint directly affects the durability of the belt and the smooth operation of the conveyor process. The general methods of conveyor belt joints include three types, which are mechanical joints, cold bonded joints, hot vulcanized joints and so on.

Common materials for belt conveyors

The commonly used material of belt conveyor is fiberglass composite material. FRP is short for glass fiber reinforced composite material. Composite materials are composed of two or more materials with different chemical or physical properties. Composite materials are divided into particle reinforced and fiber reinforced. FRP is based on resin and reinforced with glass fiber. It can be divided into continuous fiber and discontinuous fiber. The former is composed of laminated structure, winding structure and multi-directional weave, and the latter is formed by pressing.
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